The End of the World Running Club - Adrian J Walker

I read this just before New Year's and am typing this on Jan 2nd...though as I've tried to space out my book reviews, this post probably won't go live till I'm almost a married woman, awks...

My main takeaways from this book are that I need to learn how to run (my finishing 200th from last in a half marathon clearly wasn't a big enough hint...) and that if you read the little author bio, the author seems to have written it about himself!

Basically, a meteorite shower destroys most of the UK. Edgar gets separated from his family, who end up in Cornwall, and Ed has to make his way from Edinburgh to Falmouth to be re-united with them before they are sent to a different country for safety. There's no cars or trains, so Ed and his group have to run...What follows is a chillingly accurate (or at least I think) depiction of what could happen to the country, and the people in it!

The book is amazing, and I reckon would be even more emotive if you're a parent. As these things usually do, it made me think what I would do in an apocalypse scenario - I definitely need to improve my running skills, and I might even keep an emergency backpack in the larder...(Prepper? Me? never....)

Have you read this book? What did you think?