25 before 25 Update #5

So as I type this, I actually have 1 year and 4 months left to do all the things in this list – I’m actually halfway to most of them – some are covered off by honeymoon next month, and others are in the works, like a wedding in Scotland, and travel to New Zealand, but I do need to get my butt into gear for some of the others! (James also wants to do a 30 before 30 as he turned 26 earlier this week, so I might have some more fun making another list!. The ones I’ve done recently have been the more nerdy ones…

11) Pass all my ACA exams – done! November 2016.

It’s been ages since I updated this, but work has been SO busy. Anyway, I took my final exam in November, and found out I passed in December, woo! I’m now ACA qualified, which means I am an chartered accountant, and get a few more letters to add to my ever-growing name (thinking of double barrelling after the wedding…). I’m still in my training contract at my job though so technically I don’t get signed off till September 8th, but still…

22) Read 50 new books – 50/50 – March 2017

Done! So, I read all the books under the bookstag on this blog…and then realised no-one actually reads my book reviews so stopped adding them – in addition to the 47 reviewed on here, I read A Monster Calls, Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. Tada! 50, done! I’m also now reading The Circle, but probably won’t update the blog anymore. We’re looking at houses and one of the main things I want is a bay window, so I can create a sit in reading space surrounded by books, but I’m being ruthless as I’m also trying to cut down my stuff, so only books I’ll want to read again and again are being kept!

If you've got a list, have you made any progress?