Sunday Catch Up #1 - Things I’m currently loving...

Happy Sunday!
 As I type this, my hair is up in a turbie towel having just seen off the above cup of tea, and washed off my Cup O Coffee facemask (that stuff is amazing - I'm going to do a 'products I swear by' post soon). I had the urge to open up my laptop for the first time in ages, and just jot down some little thoughts - this is probably the most relaxed Sunday I've had, and will have, for ages - the calm before the storm if you like - every weekend from now on is filled with wedding prep, as we've now hit the two month mark! (My wedding dress actually arrived yesterday, but I don't have it yet as it needs to be taken in slightly, plus I picked out a veil which now needs to be made!)

Anyway, I digress - I opened up my laptop as I was tidying my 'to do' part of the coffee table and realised I've read 49 out of 50 books for my 25 before 25 - when I see off the next one, I'll do an update post.

We've got a very cosy evening ahead - settling down on the sofa with blankets, eating slow cooked stew and watching Fear The Walking Dead (has anyone seen it?)
Things I’m currently loving:

I found a copper metal wire bin in B&Q and have become obsessed with it for my craft room – I go through a lot of rubbish in there and usually just have a bag propped up against the wall, but I feel I’m reaching the stage where I want a proper bin.  I also want the rainbow drawer set for the craft room, and have begged James for it as an anniversary present. Does that make me a grown up?

No? Well how about the fact that I’ve discovered that bicarbonate of soda makes the best bath cleaner ever? We’ve got a fairly basic bathroom in the flat, and truth be told, it’s never been pleasant to look at (think poor ventilation and mouldy grouting) but I’ve discovered I can at least stop the tub from getting worse by using bicarb – I’ve never seen anything absorb stains like it!

Copper eyeliner – I am by no means a make up fanatic, but got one of those Mac sessions to learn how to do my bridal make up myself. I’m slowly edging myself in and teaching myself how to use the products, but got side tracked a bit by copper eyeliner – I went through as stage of not wearing make up at all, but as I’ve been learning, it’s all been stacking back up! I found a liner in Sephora I fell in love with, but didn’t get it as it was like $15, so found a gorgeous Barry M one for £2.99 when I got back instead! I’m thinking it might be my new staple look!

On that vein, I’ve fallen head over heels for Kiehls skincare. When I went to my make up appointment, the girl pointed out my dry eyes and said I should get an eye cream – she was so right. I’ve been using the avocado eye cream from Kiehls, and their ultra-facial moisturiser and it has changed my skin so much. When I was in the states my skin was so dry that it was flaking off and was painful, but I got this half way through and by the end my skin was amazing – I’m a convert! (Just a shame about the price tag!)

Matcha green tea - I'm not sure if I've felt the health benefits properly, but all I know is I did the TeaPigs challenge, and on the day I forgot to have it, I definitely wasn't as energised as I was before!

If I keep these catch ups up, I feel they'll definitely start becoming a bit more wedding related...

So, what have you been up to this Sunday?