You're never weird on the internet (almost) - Felicia Day

Another book down in my reading quest!

I sometimes feel like Felicia Day is the American version of me. Granted, the successful, pretty, funny, version of me. Okay, basically not me, But we've got some similarities okay?!

I read half this book on the plane to Newcastle and half of it sitting at home on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea - in hindsight, it's definitely the sort of book you need a clear schedule for because you'll devour it in one sitting.

I feel like my main takeaways from it are that it's not just me that feels that killing themselves working flat out in school wasn't worth it, it's not just me that feels redhead solidarity, and it's not just me that made a fool of themselves in front of Matt Smith...

Lessons for life there - whatever your thing is, you are not alone!

All joking aside, this book might have been the little push I needed to make my mark, albeit admittedly probably not going to put those plans into action until 2018 when I'm hopefully married, qualified and have a house (aka, safer than now!)

But yeah, If you've ever felt like maybe you don't fit in, this is the book for you.