The Minimalists: A Documentary - my ramblings

I don't usually write down my thoughts on films, or documentaries (because it would mainly be AWWWWWWWH CUTE PENGUINS) but this one came at the right time for me to sit down and just type out my feelings.

This holiday season just gone was a weird one for me. It gave me time to actually sit down and think things through, and I came to an important realisation. 

I am not happy. 

There, I said it.

On paper, my life is perfect - I have a pretty well respected corporate job with one of the most prestigious companies out there, I've just gained Charted status, I'm getting married this year to the most amazing man I could ever hope to me, I'm 23 and have the rest of my life ahead of me, and my little Etsy is just taking off.

Pretty good eh?

Well yes. But I'm crippled with anxiety that something will go wrong or something will happen to James, and my job is so demanding that I barely have time to think. I'm away from home 75% of the time so I don't actually get to see my perfect fiance that much, and when I do, I spend most of it tidying our little rented flat. We're saving for a house, a wedding and everything else.

I want to travel. I want to see the world. I want to have experiences. I want to make new friends. I want something as simple as being able to join a weekly club, like yoga or something, but the reality is, I just can't.

So what do I do to try and make me happy? I buy stuff. Stuff I don't need. Clothes, jewellery, books, take away coffees, DVDs, you name it.

Guess what? It work for about 10 mins, then I'm sad again, I'm sad that I've spent the money, sad that I'm not a clothes size smaller, sad that we don't own a home, sad that I'm always away, sad that I can't commit to anything, sad that I haven't seen most of my friends in 3 years.

The reality is, I'm in a dark cloud, and I have been for a while. I'm 95% sure I've got depression, despite being sure my entire life I'd manage to avoid it. I just need to see a doctor to confirm it, but guess what? I just don't have the time.

The few weeks over Christmas gave me the time to sit down and decide what to do. Well, I didn't decide as such, I made a vague future plan. A vague plan not to buy as much crap, a vague plan to see my friends and do more as opposed to buying more. A vague plan to enact once we've finally got a house sorted.

Then I watched this documentary. It's good. Let me say this first - I did really enjoy it as a documentary. It had some amazing features - like the focus on the tiny house movement (so cute) and the chats from all the different writers. 

The thing I felt though was that it didn't answer the question I was hoping for. Naively I sat down with a cup of tea, hoping that I would learn the secret to happiness in the next hour and a half. 

Spoiler: I didn't.

What I did find what an hour an a half of people peddling their books, and talking about how their life had changed, and they'd written it in this book and how popular the book had been. I also found the main two guys' version of minimalism a bit unobtainable. Like yeah, they got rid of all their stuff and quit their jobs to travel, but they were both on six figure salaries before that so probably had a fair amount of money saved up for food and stuff. They're also making loads from their book and this documentary, and their blog, so I don't really see how this can translate to the rest of the world....

Anyway, it is a good documentary. I'd recommend you watch it.

It also inspired me to have a bit of a spring clean and go through all my stuff to see if I really needed it - I didn't for the most part, and now I'm committed to keeping my life clutter free, and not filling the space with stuff, just experiences.

If I do end up finding the secret to happiness, I'll let you know. All I know is, in the long term, it isn't stuff.


Beautiful Broken Things - Sara Barnard

I don't think I'm the target audience for this book but I really enjoyed it!

It focuses on three typical teenage girls, navigating friendships, parents and GCSEs. One of them is the new girl in town, trying to find her place and running from her past. Her actions affect the other two in unimaginable ways, and change their paths forever. 

I really enjoyed this book, even though I couldn't relate to it much anymore. I read it in a day and would happily devour anything else by the same author.

Have you read this? What did you think?

Maker Focus: Rosebud Casson

Here's the second of my posts in my Maker Focus series! This time, the lovely Rosebud Casson.

Tell me a little about Rosebud Casson, how would you summarise your brand/what's your motto?

I'd like to think that my brand is all about nature. I want to bring the beauty of nature into our every day lives and also raise a bit more awareness in how to help the natural world. In 2016 I created a fundraising campaign called The Bee Box and I am planning bigger and better things for 2017!

How did you get started? What has inspired you?

I knew from the age of 15 that I wanted to work in some kind of art, and after completing a degree in textiles and surface design I wanted to go further and start up my own business. It's been such a learning curve but i have loved every second of it. I have always been fascinated by nature, and I couldn't think of anything better than to combine my two biggest passions, nature and art! And thus, Rosebud Casson was born! I've also been incredibly inspired by the friends and makers I have met along the way in this crazy journey!

What is your favourite item in your shop?

I can never really decide on this, as depending in what mood I am in depends on which product I favour the most. I've always loved the Honeycomb geometric necklace, but I think at the moment the little honeybee pin might be my current favourite, I love how tiny and detailed he is!

What advice would you give to people out there with their own crafty ideas?

I would always tell someone to do what they love. Go for it! You will never regret taking a chance and going for what you truly want to do, but you will regret not giving it a go. 

Who are your top three other makers? 

Ah they are so many! Right now I'd say Nutmeg and Arlo, Sunshine Jo and Oh No Rachio!

I'd love to see if you add anything from this beautiful shop to your collection!

You're never weird on the internet (almost) - Felicia Day

Another book down in my reading quest!

I sometimes feel like Felicia Day is the American version of me. Granted, the successful, pretty, funny, version of me. Okay, basically not me, But we've got some similarities okay?!

I read half this book on the plane to Newcastle and half of it sitting at home on a Sunday morning with a cup of tea - in hindsight, it's definitely the sort of book you need a clear schedule for because you'll devour it in one sitting.

I feel like my main takeaways from it are that it's not just me that feels that killing themselves working flat out in school wasn't worth it, it's not just me that feels redhead solidarity, and it's not just me that made a fool of themselves in front of Matt Smith...

Lessons for life there - whatever your thing is, you are not alone!

All joking aside, this book might have been the little push I needed to make my mark, albeit admittedly probably not going to put those plans into action until 2018 when I'm hopefully married, qualified and have a house (aka, safer than now!)

But yeah, If you've ever felt like maybe you don't fit in, this is the book for you.


Gothic Winter: New Etsy range

Happy New Year! Here's a quick plug for my Etsy - Tumble and Rose since I've opened up again for the new year and restocked!

Not only have I added more crystals, and thinner band sizes, but I've added more sizes of my opal rings, and perhaps the bit I'm most proud of , a new collection 'Gothic Winter', full of darkened metal and raw crystal necklaces, as well as a fossil or too!

I'd love it if you could check it out or spread the word about my one of a kind necklaces - my little Etsy means the world to me, and I love seeing pictures people send me of their jewellery!