Life lately...December 2016

Sundays are for lazing about, drinking coffee and not doing particularly much. Which is good. Because that's all I've done.

Truth be told, I'm still nursing a hangover from Friday's Christmas party, which I wasn't going to go to until I found out I passed my last exam and am now an exam qualified Chartered Accountant. Woooo. Our kids are going to be so nerdy.

Anyway. I also spent Friday having an amazing spa treatment at the Lush Poole Spa. I went for The Spell, which is based on foot reflexology and was complete bliss. I would thoroughly recommend it - it's the second treatment I've had there and they've both been utterly wonderful. I'm definitely going to go again pre-wedding...which is now only in 4 month's time - eek!

I do actually have to get up from my blanket fort on the sofa watching The Vampire Diaries - we're going to James' cousins for Christmas tea (I think they're going to Sydney or Belfast or somewhere exotic for Christmas day). I think I'm going to wear my beautiful new Zara jumper I got myself as a treat (along with some other bits...). It's made out of gorgeous velvet wool and is a stunning olive green colour. I finally got round to replacing the chain on my bear constellation necklace that James got me, so I can wear it to death again! On that note, I've actually got some similar ones in the works for my Etsy, but hummingbird based.

Actually, going off on a tangent. My Etsy has been MENTAL this month, in a good way, but also turns out to be the source of ultimate stress. I knew as I expanded I'd hit problems, but people don't seem to realise I am a one girl band. The amount of messages I get about postage time to the US is insane! It takes forever, and there's literally nothing I can do about it. People also get pretty nasty when I tell them I don't have tracking info as they didn't select tracked shipping. Another sad point of the month was that I got a nasty one star review from someone saying they didn't like their ring - this was the first I heard about it - I pride myself on customer service and even do returns, but they just didn't say anything to me! I admit I had a little bit of a cry over that. As much as I like my teeny tiny little shop, sometimes I just want to hide from my phone.

Time for a cheeky plug! I'm going to have a January Blues sale in the new year with all my blue items reduced :)

I'm now off work until Jan 3rd and I couldn't be more excited! I've got all the Christmas stuff wrapped and have got all the Christmas jumpers sorted. Now lots of time to relax, sort out the flat and sort out my Etsy - I've got loads of new photos and products planned :D

I'm jetting off to New Jersey again for work for January, but this time I'm managing the (very small) team so I'm a little bit terrified! Can't wait for the shopping though...

Turns out I didn't take that many photos this here's a picture of the jumper instead!