Christmas time, mistletoe and wine...

I had a lovely surprise from Cotton Traders the other day as part of their Making Christmas Warmer campaign (from which I stole this photo) - a delivery man rang the bell and handed me a huge hamper full of lovely Christmas bits. I ended up splitting the hamper between James and a few people at work as they were all in the office this week - I definitely think the lovely biscuits and Christmas tunes helped ease the pain! (I luckily have been off all week...but trying to run my Etsy which has proven to be quite the headache...) It was very much appreciated, and put everyone in a lovely festive mood!

We've just arrived at the in-laws for Christmas as I type this, and I'm starting to feel a bit more cheery - 2016 has been a tough year, but the presents under the tree and the dining room set up is thawing me* - we also have mix and match penguin Christmas jumpers which I can't wait for!

We've done a couple of Christmas markets this year - just Winchester and Southampton and I'm starting to go off them slightly - they just seem to be the same every year! We're having mulled wine wine tomorrow, which is pretty much the best thing about Christmas markets so really I could have stayed at home.

What are you doing to put yourself in a Christmassy mood? Let me know on Twitter!


(*I think it's because Christmas falls on a weekend - everyone just seems exhausted and a bit overworked at the moment :( )