The Day we Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

The Day we Disappeared by Lucy Robinson - OhMyGosh I loved this book so so much! I read it as part of my 25 before 25 quest and I am so glad I did! (Check out other book thoughts here...)

I read this in one day on our holiday to Italy - the train from Rome to Florence took 2 hours or so, and then I finished it up in the evening when we were all carb-ed out in bed.

This book follows two friends, Kate and Annie as they slowly change their lives and fall in love with their bosses, Kate for her Darcy-esque farm owner, and Annie for her knight in shining armour...

The book flits between perspectives, so we get a few chapters in Annie's world, and then a few chapters in Kate's, with the stories running concurrently.

That's all I can say now without ruining it!

This book was lovely and happy, and up until about 3/4 through, I couldn't work out what dark secrets and surprising plot the review on the cover was talking about. Then it all happened so quickly and I was annoyed with myself that I didn't work it out! In hindsight, there were so many clues - most of which are on the blurb of the book!

The book is so well written, and on the whole believable - all of the characters are relate-able in some way, and very well thought out.

I'll definitely be checking out more of Lucy Robinson's books after this!

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