Day Four - Sarah Lotz

Another book in my reading quest, in the form of Day Four by Sarah Lotz. (See my previous reads here!)

I discovered Sarah Lotz when I read The Three - this book is not a sequel as such, but it is set in the same freaky universe.

Like The Three, this book is incredibly creepy, and keeps you guessing the whole way, and ends completely unexplained, leaving you to make your own conclusions.

Again, like The Three, this book will not be for everyone - it jumps around a lot and is told from different perspectives, but not in the same way - it is all the third person, and doing this allows some of the characters to meet less than favourable circumstances.

The premise is, lovely cruise for the first three days, disaster on Day 4. This book examines how humanity unravels, and focuses on a number of characters, each with different backgrounds and intentions. The main focus is Celine Del Ray, a supposed medium - this book will leave you questioning just who exactly she is, and what she can do...

In short, it's a very well written book, and I couldn't put it down! I read it in the space on an evening.

If you like horror, fantasy or generally creepy mystery books, this is for you!
(I also recommend you get The Three!)

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