Day Four - Sarah Lotz

Another book in my reading quest, in the form of Day Four by Sarah Lotz. (See my previous reads here!)

I discovered Sarah Lotz when I read The Three - this book is not a sequel as such, but it is set in the same freaky universe.

Like The Three, this book is incredibly creepy, and keeps you guessing the whole way, and ends completely unexplained, leaving you to make your own conclusions.

Again, like The Three, this book will not be for everyone - it jumps around a lot and is told from different perspectives, but not in the same way - it is all the third person, and doing this allows some of the characters to meet less than favourable circumstances.

The premise is, lovely cruise for the first three days, disaster on Day 4. This book examines how humanity unravels, and focuses on a number of characters, each with different backgrounds and intentions. The main focus is Celine Del Ray, a supposed medium - this book will leave you questioning just who exactly she is, and what she can do...

In short, it's a very well written book, and I couldn't put it down! I read it in the space on an evening.

If you like horror, fantasy or generally creepy mystery books, this is for you!
(I also recommend you get The Three!)

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15 beautiful things under £15

With the wedding coming up, and trying to save for a house, I'm really trying not to splurge on expensive things for myself over the next few months, but being the magpie I am, I have promised myself one nice little thing a month. I've also started this pinterest board to keep them all in one place! I'm a bit obsessed with Etsy and the new range in Paperchase at the moment, so they pop up a fair few times...


The Day we Disappeared - Lucy Robinson

The Day we Disappeared by Lucy Robinson - OhMyGosh I loved this book so so much! I read it as part of my 25 before 25 quest and I am so glad I did! (Check out other book thoughts here...)

I read this in one day on our holiday to Italy - the train from Rome to Florence took 2 hours or so, and then I finished it up in the evening when we were all carb-ed out in bed.

This book follows two friends, Kate and Annie as they slowly change their lives and fall in love with their bosses, Kate for her Darcy-esque farm owner, and Annie for her knight in shining armour...

The book flits between perspectives, so we get a few chapters in Annie's world, and then a few chapters in Kate's, with the stories running concurrently.

That's all I can say now without ruining it!

This book was lovely and happy, and up until about 3/4 through, I couldn't work out what dark secrets and surprising plot the review on the cover was talking about. Then it all happened so quickly and I was annoyed with myself that I didn't work it out! In hindsight, there were so many clues - most of which are on the blurb of the book!

The book is so well written, and on the whole believable - all of the characters are relate-able in some way, and very well thought out.

I'll definitely be checking out more of Lucy Robinson's books after this!

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Make your own tissue tassel garland

Make your own tassel garland

Tissue tassel garlands. I've started to see them everywhere and I've become obsessed - they look so cute in the background of all the crafters' rooms I follow on Instagram and I knew I had to make my own. 

You can get some beautiful colour combinations, but I knew I wanted something a bit flashy, so I hunted down some opalescent paper to go with my pastel colours - all in all this tutorial cost me £1 for 100m of twine, 59p per pack for the normal tissue paper, and £1.49 for the opal paper. The actual garland cost me something stupid like less than a £1 when you work it out, as I have HEAPS of the stuff left to make more.

You will need:

A large sheet of tissue paper, in each colour that you want a tassel
Some string

Decide how long you want your tassels to be, and cut a piece of tissue paper 10cm by double this length, and fold in half. For this, I actually just cut down the lines of the folds, and did a lot of them at once as it makes them easier to cut! Cut lengthwise as above, and leave about 2cm either side of the fold.

Unfold, and you should have something like this.

Twist the tissue paper in the middle where there are no cuts.

Keep twisting until it loops back on itself. Tada! You can now slide the string through the loop. Repeat until you have your desired number of tassels, and hang on the wall.

This is mine! I love how the opal paper glints in the light - so many different colours!

Changing of the seasons

As I type this, it's September the 5th.

It's raining heavily outside, and small children are walking past the window in rain macs, starting their first day of school.

People are moaning on Twitter that teachers are moaning about going back to work, and I'm smugly sat here as I booked a long weekend for some me time.

I'm snuggled up on the sofa with a cup of tea, with some awful film on Netflix, wrapped in the tartan blanket from James' grandparents that adorns our sofa and inhaling the scent of cinnamon and warmth that the Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home jar I've just lit is releasing all over the flat.

I can hear the dustbin men collecting the bins, whilst I get lost in the pages of the Rock N Roll Bride magazine that has found pride of place on my coffee table.

I'm waiting in for a Sainsburys delivery to arrive and after I'll wrap up warm in my new jacket, a huge scarf and head to town to post some Etsy parcels and fawn over boots in the shops.

In short, it looks like Autumn has arrived and I couldn't be more content.

I've been adding a few bits to a new Pinterest board here, so hop over for some Autumn homeware inspiration.


Life lately...September 2016

It's well past time for a quick life catch up don't you think? I haven't done anything since New Year and quite a lot has happened since! (Plus I'm in a bit of a blog flump at the moment - nothing I have to write about in my in -tray has particularly inspired me, so I've scrapped the lot and thought I'd go with the flow...)

So I guess get the boring stuff out of the way first? Work wise, I got a promotion, woo, and have only got one exam in November left until I am exam qualified - I have to time qualify too though so I won't be chartered until next September. I'm not sure what I'll do past that to be honest - I'm not going to lie, the last 6 months-ish were pretty awful and it's skewed my view on things, but we'll see - onwards and upwards eh?

Home wise, we actually renewed the lease on my lil old flat for another year, with the intention of staying for two until we buy our own place. Laura graduated (with a first and a kick ass job in marketing may I add) and moved out, so we painted the spare and turned it into my craft room - my own little slice of heaven, but more on that later! I want to re-jig the front room decor a bit - I'm thinking geometric patterns and grey/yellow, but we'll see - maybe a job for after pay day!

Top photos L to R, T to B:

1 and 2 - Electroforming - I've discovered this and it's the best thing ever. I've been feeling so insoired and have made SO many projects - there's a few up in my Etsy, but more on that later!

3 - I have fallen in love with succulents - I tried to propagate my own to grow some from cuttings for free, but after 3 months of only roots, I admitted defeat this morning and binned them *sob*. I do have a fake one on the windows sill though so all is good.

4 - I'm actually running, a bit! The half marathon is in 35 days, and so far I've managed to hobble/huff my way around half the distance, and it took me forever. I've got a 10 mile jaunt planned tomorrow morning (yay sneaky holiday day off work) which I've been pushing back forever. I really need to crack on, but I'm getting there. (On a side note, I was super proud when I finished the Pretty Muddy a few months ago!)

5 - Sneaky photo of the both of us all dressed up at a wedding. I'd been meaning to wear this dress forever but didn't have the right occasion, and then our friends' wedding came up and voila - off to the dry cleaners it was. It was also £20 to dry clean. What the hell?! I mainly like this photo though as we look pretty. James hates photos of himself so I'm only allowed to have it on here if he doesn't see it...

6 - Bake Off is back! This is our second attempt at jaffa cakes from week one (don't ask about the first...) I fully intend to do a challenge from each week, but am already behind! (Cheeky plug for my Nadiya interview...) I haven't managed to bake much recently, which makes me sad, but I've just been so busy in my craft room...

Wedding planning has been the thing most people want to talk about when they see me - or when they meet me and hear, they want to know everything. I know it sounds awful but I'm just not that fussed about talking about it - especially when everyone asks all the same stuff - I'm more fussed about being married than the actual wedding day, but we have actually booked everything now, so it's more the details we need to organise. 
I found THE dress and put the deposit down last week, have looked at rings, and now need to practice the cake making and decide on colour schemes I guess! I still very much want a pastel themed whimsical wedding, think sweet stall and pom poms, but everyone seems to have their own opinion on things. Luckily I'm fairly stubborn. We also need to actually send out the invites - it's now 8 months away, eek!
OH! I almost forgot but we booked the honeymoon and it's going to be the BEST THING EVER. A month off work - 3 weeks away and half a week either side to relax at home. Two weeks in Orlando to do all the parks and then a week sunning it up in St Lucia. EEEEEK.

I know I've gone on about it, but I can't update about life and not mention my craft room - it's my own little crafty paradise! Mumma got me a sewing machine for my birthday, so I've been attempting to make lots of skater dresses recently - my current project is a black pin heart polycotton with the same pattern as the ones in the picture. The yellow was my first and worked perfectly, but is unfortunately rather see through. The blue is beautiful, but awfully wonky up close, so both of these will be worn with a cardigan. I've also got all my electroforming things in there for my Etsy, and the printer for the prints. I've themed it with pastel colours, covered the wall in prints and hung an awesome peg board from Typo. I love it! I can't wait till we own our own place and I can go all out. You can keep up with my craft exploits here, as I want to make crafts more of a thing on the lil old blog, or you can follow my craft instagram to get a peek behind the craft room doors!

A quick plug for my Etsy, which has become like my baby recently.  I started doing rings about a month ago, and  I just like being able to make more stuff  - check out the instagram account here. (I definitely need to up my social media game I think!)

I guess the more general stuff is what I will wrap up with. I'm still working on my 25 before 25 goals, and we've had quite a few adventures so far this year. My perspective on things have shifted, especially work-life balance, so I'm determined to cherish the moments I can. I've also been a bit scared recently as I've been dropping things, my muscles have been spasming and I'm getting lots of pins and needles randomly. Hopefully it's nothing, but it's definitely scaring me into treasuring the little things, like a hot cup of tea and Sunday morning snuggles.


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