Wishlist - Autumn/Winter

Ahhhh, summer is quite obviously over isn't it? I think we had about three days of sun, all of which I happened to be locked inside studying for exams for...oh well - I've got to admit, I much prefer autumn/winter clothes anyway!

On that note, and to celebrate my promotion at work, I've pulled together a bit of a A/W wishlist - you may notice it's a bit...well, black. I've decided to just buy high quality staple items from now on to build my wardrobe and try and save space. Plus, if I keep to it, I might not fritter away anyway spare penny I have in Primark....

Olivia Burton watch - how gorgeous is this?! They also do it with rose gold detailing and I just can't decide between the two!

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish - because I'm FOREVER running out of this stuff. I don't really use foundation anymore, so this really is the only thing protecting people from my bare face.

Leather biker jacket - I'm eyeing up one from River Island at the moment. I've had so many faux ones over the years, and they just don't last.

Black Skinnies - I've got my eye on these Topshop ones since my old ones were involved in a puppy incident and are now a bit holey.

Biker boots and wellies - I actually don't think I've got any boots left that survived last winter. That needs to be rectified - I'll probably grab some from Jones as they're known for quality. 

Oasis V&A dress - I've seen this dress in pretty much EVERY fashion magazine and have fallen in love. It's £150 though so it might go unfulfilled. The entire collection is beautiful!

What have you got your eye on at the moment? Tweet me!