Burnt Paper Sky - Gilly Macmillan

I picked this up on Amazon to help my hit my target  when I was in a bit a of thiller/mystery/twisty crime phase. (See here for my others)

Burnt Paper Sky is Gilly Macmillan's first book, and a shame as it's a cracking one at that and I'd love to read more of her stuff! Alas, I'll have to wait.

This is actually a fairly long book so it took me a couple of days to read - and I'm talking 'intensive, page turning, don't want to put it down' kind of days. It's really good!

The story focuses around Rachel, a recently divorced photographer, and is written from her perspective. At the very start of the book, Rachel lets Ben, her 8 year old son, run ahead whilst she is on her phone, and he doesn't come back. What follows next is the hunt for Ben and his abductor, as it soon becomes clear from some pretty nasty events that someone has taken him - but who? His dad, the surgeon? His new step mom? The creepy teaching assistant? Someone who wants to hurt his dad?

This book keeps you guessing the entire way - is Ben alive? Who has him? It's littered with clues that I didn't piece together at all, but I am overall happy with the resolution of the book - it's not one of those where the narrator actually lies to you throughout (I'm looking at you, Moriarty...)

It kept me engaged the whole way through and is easy to read - I think the reviews on the cover sum it up well when they say it is 'Deceptively clever' and 'Utterly gripping'.

Overall, if you're into the twisty-thriller type books that are around at the moment, I'd definitely give this one a try!

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