A hot tub in a forest...

I honestly don't know how to start this post, except by saying all what follows will in no way do the experience justice - it was an adventure of pure perfection, and I wholeheartedly suggest you follow suit...

A few months ago, in the midst of busy season at work, I did some 2am blog scrolling to distract myself from yet another spreadsheet, and came across this blog post by Katy. I knew instantly we had to go, regardless of where it was, and I fired off some texts to James, which were answered next morning saying he'd booked it for June.

Weirdly, without ever having heard of it, it turns out Medstead is actually in between Southampton and Basingstoke, so we ended up having an insanely packed weekend, going from home to River Cottage in Winchester for lunch, staying in the wagon overnight, and heading off to Basingstoke the next morning.

We arrived at the wagon around 2pm so had the whole day to enjoy our little escape. It's super easy to get to, but once you're there, you're hidden from view in your own little forest.

 ...which backs onto a field! We made lots of cow friends - I was a bit worried the fence wouldn't hold them and we'd be trampled!

I finally got to toast marshmallows on the fire - the owner/builder, Ralph, has thought of everything and even supplied us with marshmallows!

I was a bit too over zealous...

We spent the afternoon relaxing in the hot tub, drinking the wine we brought back from Italy. It was pure perfection. (You have to heat the hot tub yourself using a log fire - so much fun!)

Afro chicken...
(Ralph's mum Jean showed us the chicks on arrival - they are literally the cutest things ever!)

Everything is handmade!

After our hot tub session, we wandered through the fields to the Yew Tree, a pub a couple of miles away. We had a very scenic walk, and the food was lovely when we got there - I fully recommend the sticky toffee pudding.

The wagon literally had everything you need for a few days away to escape from it all.

After our adventures, we watched the sun sent in the bath under the floor, finishing off the wine....

I honestly couldn't recommend it enough - I had a beautiful time.

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