The Grown Up - Gillian Flynn

The Grown Up Gillian Flynn

This may be a very short book, but it is a book nonetheless and I am counting it in my quest to read 50 before I hit 25. (See the others here...)

I read Gillian Flynn's first three books, Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and Dark Places in about the space of a week when I was at uni - I devoured them, and thought they were brilliant, so obviously when I saw this on Amazon I had to snap it up.

Because there's so little of it (79 pages) I can't really say to much without giving it away - all I can say is it is fantastically written, and is full of twists and turns, keeping you guessing the whole way - as you would expect from Gillian Flynn quite frankly.

The story focuses on a psychic/sex worker who is begged for help by a woman being terrorised by her new haunted house and step son, and follows the narrator through some twists and turns as she attempts to exorcise the house - I won't say any more as I'll give it away, but it is well worth a read - I managed to finish it in just over an hour, so it won't even take up too much of your time!

If you're into horror and suspense, I'd definitely give this one a shot!

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