Nails of the month #3 Mint green Rockstar

Following on from last month’s nail post, I might have stayed with Shellac…oops!

I've continued my pointy nail love affair, but they got so long from last time that I had to have them properly filed down as they were getting in the way - they're a bit more rounded now and a fair few millimetres shorter, as sad as I am, it's probably for the best.

We had our office summer ball, and I needed some beautiful nails that would last - it was on a Friday night but I was working away during the week and I would have no time to get ready. Lucky would have it, I was in the office for a day the week before so hopped to the salon after work and 45 minutes later these beauties were mine! They’re still my natural nails – the filing down of the length took forever and felt so weird!

The colour is CND Shellac in Mint Convertible with some iridescent glitter layered over the top and sealed with the Shellac top coat – the result is super smooth glittery nails that should last two weeks…perfect for when I'm busy at work and away without my nail polish stash!

(I still keep waving my nails about and getting them to twinkle in the light like a child – I feel kind of like a unicorn!)

What do you think? I think I'm going to have to cut back on the Rockstar as for some reason it was more expensive this time round - what do you think I should go for next? TWEET ME!