Lush Cup O Coffee face mask

Lush Cup o Coffee

A quick rundown of Lush Cup o Coffee face mask...

Oh wow. I don't know where to start with this one!

You may or may not know my history with Lush - growing up, I was a HUGE Lush fan, and would go in a spend all my pocket money on a lump of soap (much to my mother's disdain...).

When I was 17 I got a job in the local Lush and all my teenage beauty product related dreams came true! It was a lovely place to work for the first few months, and I made some great friends like Noor, and the discount was amazingggg.

Around the time I left to go to uni, there were a lot of staff changes in my store and it started to become a bit cliquey...basically I ended up not going back as I had planned for the summers, and the whole thing ruined my perception of the company a bit. That, coupled with no discount, meant I only really used Lush stuff on special occasions, which is a shame as I LOVED it, but it was kinda tainted for me as a brand.

Anyway - why the story? WELL. I have been missing out for the past few years clearly! I only really used the products I was given as gifts, until I met up with Noor for coffee to discuss our engagements (EEEEEEEE!), and it turns out, despite our in-store experiences and lack of discount, she is still a die hard fan, She immediately recommended this mask to me - Noor has never been wrong with a recommendation so I had to check it out, and that was that.  True face masky-love. I am sure I would have discovered this earlier and fallen for it as hard if I'd have stuck with the brand, but oh well!

Lush Cup o Coffee

I've got quite dry, dull skin, with a bit of a clogged up nose area, so all round a bit icky. 

Let me tell you, for me, this has been a wonder product!

Heads up though, if you don't like coffee, this may not be for you, however I love the smell! (Is that bad?) I tried to get Becky to use it, but she hates the smell of coffee so refused :( 

Basically, you smooth a layer over your face and leave for 10-15 mins, then wash off, scrubbing as you go. 

My skin has never felt so soft!

In case you can't tell, I love it!

I got the little pot, and it's lasted me ages - it's not a 'fresh' one either, so it's got a fairly long life for Lush products - I don't remember it being too expensive, and would definitely get it again!

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