Make your own foil prints

Foil prints. They've sprung up everywhere recently haven't they? I can't get enough of them! My craft room has a whole section of wall dedicated to them. I spent ages deciding which ones to get, and then wondered how they were made. I realised I could probably make them myself and did some research, and thus this blog post was born - a simple DIY on how to make foil prints yourself. (Though you could always just pop over to my Etsy here and get some...)

For this DIY you will need:
A laser printer (VERY important - Inkjet printers WILL NOT work)
White card
Heat activated toner foil (I got mine from eBay)
A laminator (I 'borrowed' my dad's one from Asda)
A frame (Fiskbo from Ikea is like 65p for postcard size or £1.50 for A4)

Step 1 - Print off your inspirational quote, or picture that you would like foiled. It's super important that you use a laser printer/photocopier, as this uses toner, not regular ink. Cut a section of your foil that will cover the design. I recommend using a print colour close to that of your foil in case of any imperfections, but I've used black for this one as it is easier to show you.

Step 2 - Place the foil shiny side up onto your design, and send through the laminator! (Note - do NOT laminate, just send through without laminator sheets.) The way this works is that the toner powder heats up and sticks to the foil, meaning when the foil is removed, some of it stays behind.

You can see it has bonded when it has gone all crinkly...

Step 3 - Peel off the foil carefully to reveal your design!

I then traced round a postcard and cut mine out so it would fit in a frame - but it's up to you!

Tada! Your very own foil prints.

I'd love to know if you give it a try - tweet me your results! Or if you buy one from my Etsy, I'd LOVE to see it displayed.