Cancer Research UK - Race for Life - Pretty Muddy 2016

I'm sitting here rather proud of myself and in a 'can do' mood because this morning I did something I've wanted to do (kind of) for years - I completed a Race for Life and have raised almost £100 for Cancer Research UK!

I'm super happy to have raised some sponsorship money, as everyone knows how awful cancer is, but I recently went on a google tangent and found out much much more than I ever wanted to know about just how it kills you. I'm now terrified, but happy that I could do something to try and help.

I've wanted to do a Race for Life for years - me, my mum and sister used to walk to the playing grounds at the back of the family home and watch the runners every summer, but we never did it - we always said we'd do it the next year but never got round to it. Last year a friend mentioned the Pretty Muddy race they do in some places (Southampton being one of them) and I just knew I had to do it this year.

Obviously I completely forgot until a few weeks ago when I was late night browsing and saw a reminder. I signed up instantly (was only £20!) and got my JustGiving page going. 

I then proceeded to do absolutely no training. Ooops.

If you know me, you will know that I am the world's most unfit person (see here) so this wasn't exactly unexpected. I thought I'd be fine, as I'm attempting to do a half marathon in October, and was aiming to get my fitness up for that, but I ended up working away for work for two weeks and then the date just snuck up on me.

I started panicking last night that I might not be able to do it, as 5k is a lot if you barely leave the sofa! (Though not a lot for others I admit...)

Anyway, here are some before and after photos!

I did it! It took me about half an hour with all the obstacles, and it was super fun. I'm definitely going to do it next year! (My trainers were ruined from all the mud pools though, so hopefully Primark have some pink ones again next year...also that's muddy water down me, not sweat - one of the marshalls decided I was too clean and tipped a bucket of muddy water straight on my hair - hence the mud waves in my hair!)

I'm so happy I did it, and actually really proud of myself considering I can barely walk up the stair to my flat. I really recommend it to anyone to try - girls of all ages were doing it, and you can pick your pace. It was so so much fun and it's for such a good cause! (I think I'm going to attempt to do the 10k Race for Life next year on the Sunday too!)

Did you do a Pretty Muddy? Are you going to do the normal races tomorrow? Let me know how it goes on Twitter!