Italy - Coffee and elephants in Rome

Our first stop on our Italy trip was Rome and it was simply amazing! We did so much exploring and crammed so much in - I'd love to go again, it's such a great city! (So glad I ticked it off my 25 in 25 too...)

Here are the final photos from our trip!
(There are some more on my INSTAGRAM if you want more!)

Waaaaahhhhh! We're at the Colosseum! So many tourists! (Everywhere...) Sneaky side photo of James at the right there...

This is the Trevi fountain from the non-famous can see how busy it is!

Arty shot of coffee in a square...pure bliss.

Typical Italian street...

Bridge over the river on the way to the Vatican.

Garden at the top of one of the hills.

The first real life elephant I've ever seen! (We went to the Zoo, they're not free-roaming, don't worry!)

Ruins and blue skies everywhere!

It was an utterly perfect two weeks, and I can't wait to go back! (We've got a few other places to tick off first though...)

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