Oxford - What I wore

It is not often you see photos of me on my blog, and that is purely because my 3D face doesn't translate well to 2D and I resemble a potato. (Though you can see some of my past attempts here...)

Becky however has a knack of taking nice photos, and once I saw these from our trip to Oxford, I just had to show my outfit to the world.

It was one of those rare days where I felt okay about myself and was wearing all my favourite clothes, so I think that's the reason I'm so smiley. That, and I can't pose for a photo to save my life so I always end up cracking up - the above shows my quick descent into giggles...

This bomber jacket from Zara is perhaps the most beautiful thing I've ever owned clothing wise, and I'm super protective of it, so it only comes out for special occasions. The embroidery is stunning - blossom and blue birds! The material itself is satin finish and the jacket is so so comfy.

What I'm not sure comes across is that I'm wearing high waisted relaxed joggers from Primark, and they are THE comfiest thing in the world. I've got them because my skinnies no longer fit, but we'll ignore that bit. 

The boat neck stripey tee is from Primark as well. Stripey tops are my go-to item.

The necklace is one I made! (You can check out my Etsy here...)

This bag is the most wonderful colour pop ever - it's from Accessorize and after umming and ahhing for a while, I went back to grab it and it was 20% off. Fate. I am in love.

Typical Converse, obvs, and my gorgeous Olivia Burton watch that James bought me for my 22nd birthday - it's stunning.

So, there's some pictures of me feeling all confident and what not. (How gorgeous is the jacket?!)

What do you wear to perk yourself up? Tweet me!