Nails of the month #2 - Coral Rockstar

Following on from last month’s nails of the month, I might have already reverted to Shellac…it’s just sooo pretty!

I’ve fallen for pointy nails recently, and was toying with the idea of sparkly coral for a LONG time after seeing it on Instagram, so when I painted my nails a nude colour, they just weren’t doing it for me.

I was in a bit of a need of a pick me up when I happened to be working in the office and had the brain wave of getting my nails done in my lunch break. (I go to Eastern Arts in Southampton for everrrrrything if you’re wondering, always had a positive experience.)

45 minutes later and these beauties were mine! They’re my natural nails – I’m pretty happy with the length I’ve managed to maintain for a while – usually I’ve had a break by this point!

The colour is CND Shellac in Salmon Run with some orange iridescent glitter layered over the top and sealed with the Shellac top coat – the result is super smooth glittery nails that should last two weeks…perfect for summer!

(I keep waving my nails about and getting them to twinkle in the light like a child – I feel kind of like a unicorn!)

What do you think? I think this technique is called Rockstar – have you ever had it? Tweet me!