Beauty Treatment of the month - Lash tinting

eyelash tinting before and after

When I first got my grad job, one of the first things I treated myself to was getting my nails done properly, because having been a poor student for forever, I thought I'd see what the hype was about. Two years later and I'm still going to the same salon...

I was looking at the brochure a few weeks ago and looked at all the various treatments I would love to get done, and decided to take the plunge. I also decided to do this new series to document my trials, and to show people who haven't had something done before what the results are and whether it is worth it - one thing I found was that I really didn't know what to expect, so hopefully this will help some people along the way!

eyelash tinting before and after

I go to Eastern Arts in Southampton, so my experiences are based on that, but I think most things will be pretty standard whatever salon you go to!

I picked lash tinting this month as I thought it would be perfect for my holiday. Being ginger, I have quite light lashes, and have to wear mascara or I look terrible. I thought if this worked then I wouldn't have to bother with make up all holiday. yay! 

I have actually tried lash tinting with the at home kits before, but thought the professional results would be completely different - I was entirely right...

eyelash tinting before and after

My treatment was performed by Tina (who also did my nails, toes and eyebrow threading in that session - wonder woman!) who was so lovely and talked me through everything. 

I asked for black but was told they do a blue black tinge as it makes your lashes pop - I wasn't sure what the difference was, but trusted the pros.

The process is actually very simple - Tina put some Vaseline on pads along my lash line to protect my skin, and then put the dye on. I relaxed with my eyes closed for 15 minutes until she came back, took the dye off, and hey presto!

I am so so in love with the result. It will last two weeks, and I definitely think I'll go back and get it done again! It has made me feel so much more confident not wearing make up out of the house, so on that note, I'll leave you with a make up less selfie to add to this already face heavy post!

no make up selfie

Tada! Have you ever had yours tinted? Hit me up on Twitter if you've got any questions!