25 before 25 Update #3

So, I'm 3/4 of the way through the first year of doing this, and I think I'm making good progress! Check out my other updates here...

6) Visit Venice

Done! Me and James went to Italy for two weeks in May and it was perfect! You may have seen some of the photos pop up on my Instagram...There'll be a post on each of the cities soon - Venice is STUNNING. The photo above is of Burano - every house is a different colour!

7)  Explore Rome

Done! A blog post on it will be coming soon! We spent the first 5 days of our trip here and got up to quite a bit! (The weather was laaaavely too, so that doesn't hurt!) Find other posts from our travels here...

22) Read 50 new books 

In progress! At time of writing I have finished 34! (Not including the three I have abandoned half way through!) See my opinions on these books here...(Not all are reviewed, but they will be!)

24) Run a half marathon

In progress!(ish!) My company sponsors a half marathon in the London parks, so I have registered my interest to run in a corporate space for that - I won't know if I've got the place for a while, but we'll see! I'm determined to take my fitness seriously, so have downloaded a couch to half in 20 weeks plan from Women's Running and plan to start a fitness update series on my blog!

I'm not sure how full my next update will be as I've got more exams in the next few months - we'll see!

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