10 things no-one tells you about...finishing university

I've picked leaving university for the latest in my 10 things series!

I graduated uni 2 years ago, on my 21st birthday, and life has been an unexpected whirlwind since! 
There are loads of posts floating about on the internet like this, but most focus on the struggles of getting a job - I luckily had a grad job from an internship I did, so I didn't have to worry about this, and thus I'll focus on the more light-hearted side of things!

1) You will have to pay council tax if you move out of the family home (or maybe even if you're in it...). OhMyGosh this is expensive. Try as you might, you won't quite ever understand exactly what it is it goes towards - you will moan to other 'adults' and get told just bins, and lighting and stuff - I have no idea what mine does as our bins are privately collected, and there's no street lighting so...anyway. Point is, you may think it's like £20 or so, but add another £100 to that and you'll get closer - to the MONTHLY amount! Wahhh.

2) Student discount will both upset and annoy you. Why are things 10% more expensive than they were a couple of months ago? Why do students deserve it? It's painful to relinquish your discount, and worse, to  be asked for your student card at the till and have to say you are no longer a student. My wardrobe is probably at it's lowest Topshop percentage of the last 5 years at this point. RIP student card perks.

3) Unless you stay, you will miss your uni town dearly, and familiar cities will never stack up to it. Time to find somewhere new! (Don't cling on to the image of your uni town though, it will be entirely different if you ever go back!)

4) Everyone has a degree, and no-one particularly cares about yours. End of. Soz. (Obviously aside from it being a required qualification for the jobs you're going for...)

5) Student finance is still there, and you still owe the money. It will start randomly deducting money from your pay to pay it back, and you will think to yourself that you really should dig out the details/log on etc to check statements and the whatnot. You will never be able to find this information, and will make peace with the random amounts coming out each month. £5 one month, £57 the next? Yep, totally logical...

6) You may think you never have to do another exam again, but they always crop up - I guarantee you it will be just when you think you are safe - it may be for a professional qualification, or health and safety training...who knows? It will find you and hunt you down though.

7) You may think you are done with education forever, and then decide a year later you want to do a Masters, having never considered this before in your life. Working full time will make you miss education...and free time...and hey, you'll get student discount again so...

8) It's a LOT harder to meet people. Once you've done the rounds in the office, you won't meet another new person for MONTHS, and when you do, they're probably not that exciting. 

9) You probably won't see 80% of your uni friends again. Tough, but true. People move on, and get different lives. Sorry bout that.

10) 10pm is a late night for you. You're old now. Accept it.

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