10 things no-one tells you about...being ginger

Ginger hair

Welcome to the third instalment of my '10 things' post - basically a series for me to jokingly rant about issues close to my heart...check out the previous posts in the series here.

This month the focus is on being ginger! 

1) Heads up. Secondary school can be hard, and kids are cruel. My hair was a non-event in primary school, bar the odd teacher saying how nice it was, but the second I got to secondary school, kids I had known for year turned on me like I was some kind of alien...I actually ended up winning an award for spending the most time in the library during playtime - three guesses why that was my place of choice...

2) Weirdly, as soon as you turn 18, your hair is suddenly hot... The same boys who just three years ago were throwing stuff at you will message you on Facebook asking you out...You are allowed to take much glee in turning them down and calling them out for being awful.

3) If you dress head to toe in black and start learning martial arts, you will feel like Black Widow. However, you won't be Scarlett Johanssen and you won't actually be a super hero. (You'll be pretty close though...)

4) In the celebrity lookalike game, you will be referred to as Lindsey Lohan, because no-one can think of other famous red heads. Used to be cool about 10 years ago...not so much now...

5) Every Autumn, there will be a wave of your friends suddenly dying their hair shades of red and talking about how much they love it. Rest safe in the knowledge that theirs will fade, and they will have no clothes to suit their new found locks...

6) Green looks good on you. Trust me. As does mustard.

7) Every few seasons, Topshop wheel out their long auburn wigs and you will feel like the height of fashion. (Until they swap them back out for the platinum blonde ones...)

8) You actually quite like being a rare species. If you are put in close confines with another ginger, and you start sizing each other up....being ginger is 'your thing'...

9) You will spend your teenage years longing to be blonde, and eventually then grow to love your hair and dye it AS GINGER AS POSSIBLE!!!

10) Every so often, articles like this pop up and you will get sent the link by everyone you know. Oh, and told to attend National Ginger Day, and be reminded how we're 'dying out' etc etc. As though you've never been told before...

At the end of the day, it's just a hair colour, but I wouldn't change mine for the world!

Though the following definitely aren't defined by their hair colour, I thought I'd share some of my favourite ginger bloggers to keep to the theme!

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