DIY Wine bottle lights

DIY wine bottle lights

If you know me, you will know that I love making stuff (check out my other craft posts), and I always have a project on the go. My latest project is these wine bottle lights! I came across something similar in an interiors magazine and thought I could make them myself, so gave it a shot the next day!

Luckily James is part of a wine club, so we have a LOT of wine in the flat, and thus lots of different bottles - we currently have about 6 lined up on the window sill ready for me to use.

I think these look really cool and add an industrial type vibe to an area, but you can do what you want with them - they'll look especially cool with different bottles - think different shapes, glass colours etc...

You will need:
A glue gun, or some form of strong glue (mine was a fiver from of my most exciting purchases ever)
An empty, clean wine bottle, with the label removed*
Fairy lights and batteries

*I found that different bottles mean different labels and thus some peeled off perfectly and others had to be soaked and scrubbed. So far the best trick I have found is to soak in warm water overnight, scrub off the next morning, and use a mix of bicarb and cooking oil on the residue...

Feed the fairy lights into the bottle (mine were £2.50 from Primark...) and shake about so that there is an even distribution of lights within the bottle...

When you are happy, glue a line onto the back of the bottle and place the battery pack onto this, with the switch side facing forward, so you can change the batteries if needed!

Position the bottle so the battery pack is at the back and switch on! 

Ta da! Very cheap and easy lighting to spice up your home.

What would you use these for? Are there any other DIYs you'd like me to show you? Tweet me!