The Three - Sarah Lotz

The Three Sarah Lotz

Creepy fact: I didn't notice the kids on the cover in this photo until late one night after I had finished - I swear they weren't there at all before - I am 100% convinced the cover was just red lines.

The Three by Sarah Lotz. Another book down in my quest to read 50, and not a good book to choose when on a plane. Silly me. (But a very good book to read!)

This book will not be for everyone. It jumps around a lot and it told from different perspectives (it's very cleverly done though, a book within a book.)

There's murder, the four horseman of the apocalypse and religious nut jobs aplenty, sprinkled between plane crashes, ghosts and suicides. What's not to love eh? ;)

But seriously. This is quite a dark book -  it has supernatural undertones, but perhaps the most horrifying thing in this book are the humans themselves - it is a very good account of just what people are capable of when faced with things they can't explain.

The premise is, there are four plane crashes due to unidentified reasons all on the same day in different parts of the world. All of the passengers on each of the planes are killed instantly, apart from three kids of roughly the same age. The kids are creepy (PTSD? Possessed?) and the world rallies around them...until the theories start.

This book is told by the point of view of interviews with the kids' guardians, new reports, articles and is basically an anthology of events. I was gripped the entire way through, and finished it in one sitting. (Admittedly, I was on a 9 hour flight so I was a bit trapped...)

I really would recommend this if you were wanting to try something a bit different - it is definitely not your conventional thriller!

There is a sort of sequel out, called Day 4, but I'm waiting for the paperback version before I dive in.
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