10 things no-one tells you about...doing a car boot sale

doing a car boot sale

A bit of a different post today and the second in my new 10 things series! Basically, me sharing anecdotes about things other than the usual content of my blog - because hey, there's more to my life than baking and books! (Not much...but still.)

  1. You have to get up early. I mean REALLY early. Think getting up at 6am for a spin class, but so much worse. The one I used to go to with my mum required us getting up at 5.30 in order to be in the car queue at 6am, only to queue in a line with the other sellers until 7 when they let you in!
  2. On that note, check your car the night before you go. My most recent experience was particularly painful, as I got to my car at 5.45am, only for my tyre light to go off. In my sleepy state, I had managed to walk past the flat tyre. I mean comically flat - there was no way I was going to be able to drive on it. There's nothing worse that loading up all your stuff, getting up early, only to not be able to do it!
  3. People have this idea that bootsales are a cheap and easy way to make money. I guarantee you nothing is more painful than standing about for an hour to make a fiver, than to then have to hand over the £7 for the pitch. Plan for this, and expect to be running at a loss for a bit. (Usually the pitch costs go to charity, so count that as your good deed for the day.)
  4. People love a bargain at bootsales right? Not so fun when you're a seller - some people will barter you down to ridiculous prices, and people WILL NOT value your hard earned and well loved stuff as much as you do. If you aim to sell something for a tenner, I promise you, you will probably end up getting £3 for it...
  5. You get up at stupid o'clock and stand in a field/car park all day - you will freeze. Layers are key, and weirdly, sunglasses.
  6. That £3 you just got for your super expensive pair of jeans? You will spend twice that on the worst cup of tea you have ever had in your life and a dodgy burger from the burger van at the end of the row.  However, due to point 5, the food poisoning is worth the risk.
  7. You will not make your fortune and be able to quit your job. The misconception many people have is that they have X amount of stuff at Y price, and thus will end up with the fortune that is XY. You'll get a fraction of what you intended, and will stuff have to lug half of your stuff home with you.
  8. After spending months clearing out your stuff, half an hour in to the bootsale you'll decide that actually you do really want to keep that top you haven't worn for 5 years, and that actually, you will get round to re-reading that book. Stuff is hard to part with, and a fair amount of it will end up back in your car for safe keeping.
  9. If you decide to pack up early, or have someone with you, you may want to have a look around at the other stalls. This is a mistake. You will return with various pieces of vintage homeware and quirky clothes that you envision yourself wearing and loving, and these will sit unworn in your wardrobe until you decide to clear them out at the next bootsale.
  10. At the end of your super long day, when you have finished unloading all of your stuff back into your roof/garage/cupboard, and counting up the coins you have collected, you will vow it is not worth it. Until you forget all of this, decide it was actually quite fun, and do another one. Bootsales are weirdly addictive!

Have you ever done a bootsale? Where do you go? What was your best find? Tweet me!