Moriarty - Anthony Horowitz

Moriarty Anthony Horowitz
Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz. Yet another drop in the ocean of my 25 before 25 quest.
I didn't pick this up in the Amazon 3 for £10 - James actually got it in Waterstones (almost full price, shock, horror!) but I think Amazon have since added it, so I'd definitely advise you to pick it up!
Oh, Moriarty. Where to start? I really really loved this book, right up until the final couple of chapters, and then I felt sad and tricked. I won't say what happens as it will ruin what is an extremely compelling book, but I definitely didn't see it coming, and I'm one of those people that always guesses the end of books.
 Everyone I know that has read this loved it, and I have a long line waiting to borrow my copy. I haven't read much Anthony Horowitz since I read all of the Alex Rider books when I was at school, and I definitely think this has made me reconsider - once my book pile runs out I may replace it with more of his adult work - he's not an extremely well regarded author for nothing!
I must say now, I read this because it was another Sherlock Holmes novel - on the cover it says 'Sherlock Holmes is dead...' but obviously you assume after the Reichenbach Falls he survived right? I'll let you read it and find out - you actually forget about Sherlock Holmes by half way through as there is so much going on with the character that are the focus of the book.
In short; Moriarty is also dead after the incident at the falls, and an American crime boss is moving into London to fill the hole he left. The UK police force are in tatters having relied on Holmes for most of their cases, so haven't really don't anything to curb him. A private detective from a US firm follows this crime boss over, and joins a detective in the police force who studied Holmes' methods meticulously. They team up and try and take the crime boss down...
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