A sunday stroll in Princeton, New Jersey

Okay, I say Sunday stroll, I was actually here on work for two weeks, but only got to properly explore during the day on Sunday. We did go to lots of restaurants in the evenings though so I got to eat quite a few proper American meals.

After leaving our hotel, my colleague drove us in our rented car to the middle of Princeton (such a small, lovely town!) where we found a car park and hopped out. As it was a Sunday, nothing opened until 11 (the US has Sunday trading hours too :( though they were open later into the evening) so we grabbed a cup of coffee each in Small World Coffee.

Princeton seems to just have one main street for shopping, with a couple of squares jutting off. Nassau Street runs straight down the middle, with the town on one side and the university on the other.

Hugging our coffee tight (it was so cold!) we decided to explore the university until the shops opened. I was struck by how different all of the university buildings are - they are some of the oldest buildings in the US, but they all look entirely different - like they've been lifted from different pages of a history book. Quite a few looked like castles, and there was lots of ornate gates and arches to walk through, as well as lots of different coloured trees - even though we went in the dead of winter, there were still lots of green and red hues to greet us!

 There are quite a few university shops, a couple of book shops, LOTS of restaurants and loads of running shops! One especially caught my eye though and I proceed to spend the next 30 minutes looking around like a child in a sweet shop. Papersource is absolutely stunning!

We also went to a couple of 'malls' - one was an actual mall, like a very small Westfields and the other was a massive retail park - this is where I came across Target for the first time and fell in love instantly. Target has absolutely EVERYTHING. I honestly think I found my spiritual shopping home.

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