After the Crash - Michel Bussi

After the crash Michel Bussi

Yet another book bits the dust from my book pile - I'm down to 7 left, but luckily Amazon seem to have carried on their 3 for £10 paperback deal into 2016, so when I have some down time, I will be on it. So, with this, After the Crash by Michel Bussi, I'm edging nearer to my 50 goal book as part of my 25 in 25, and this is the latest chapter in that journey (Get it? Chapter...Book...oh never mind.)

. This is actually a first for me, as it is the only book I have ever read that has been written in another language and then translated (as far as I am aware). I didn't realise that when I bought it, and only clocked it when I read the blurb just before I started reading. I was a bit worried that this would lead to broken English, but I needed have - the book reads really well and you can't tell it had been directly translated from another language - everything flows as it should, and it is probably one of the better written books that I have actually read!

The premise is: Big horrifying plane crash in the 1980's, one survivor - a 3 month old baby girl. Two families come forward to claim her - but which one is right? (Obviously you're screaming 'get a DNA test', but this is the 80's, and apparently it wasn't that simple, so shush, we need to get a whole story out of this)

In short, no-one is as they appear in the book, and all of the characters tales take unexpected turns. I sort of predicted the ending, but there are many facets to it that I didn't, that I definitely didn't see coming.

I really enjoyed this book - it is a proper nitty gritty crime/thriller, unlike the girly ones I've been reading of late!

I'd definitely say it was worth a read, and my copy is currently being leafed through by my fiance.

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