25 before 25 update #2

Welcome to the second ever 25 before 25 update! So, let's get cracking...

8) Go to New York

Done! I have a client for work that is based in New Jersey, and since I spent a fortnight there, I hopped up to New York for the weekend. See my post on it here! In short, it was terrifying and amazing, and my credit card is still wincing. (Not really, because you should always pay off the balance each month, but you get what I mean.)

14) Go paintballing

Done! I haven't done a blog post on this as it was for a friends birthday, but it was super good fun, but so painful when I got hit. I got incredibly muddy, so I'm going to invest in some wellies for next time (are Hunters too nice?). I also realised I would be no good on a actual battle field - it took me about twenty shots to hit a guy who was sitting a few metres away, completely exposed and staying still. Black Widow, I am not.

22) Read 50 new books - 22/50 (Feb 16)

In progress! I'm doing well I think - I'm almost half way! Catch up on my reading exploits here.

23) Restart my jewellery hobby/Etsy shop

Done! See my post on it here. I'm super proud of the stuff in my Etsy, and I've re-done all the photography. I've even had a few sales, so I'm counting this one as completed now :)

Are you currently working on any goals? I'd love to hear about them! Tweet me!