The Woman who Stole my Life - Marian Keyes

This is yet another book in my 25 before 25 quest (number 16! yay!) and yet another that was selected randomly from the Amazon 3 for £10 deal. Having known nothing about Marian Keyes, and having not really looked at the description, I naively thought this was going to be a crime novel. It wasn't, obviously as per my luck with books, but it had me just as gripped.

This focuses on Stella Sweeny, an author who's life has gone a bit downhill since her first book. The book flashes back between her rise to fame, and her life now.

I can honestly say this booked hooked me, as romances tend to do at the moment due to my current state of loved up-ness. It also perfectly encapsulated how I feel when I'm having an insecure moment. Basically later on in the book the main character has a perfect boyfriend, and a perfect blonde manipulative girl comes in the pictures in a not too pleasant way. (It actually turns out the moral of the story is trust your guy and communicate, but the idea of not really knowing what is going on with the person you trust most terrifies me, so this book really really got me at that point). Obviously, far far more happens in the book than that, including lots of romance and medical disasters, but that is what stuck with me.

I can't really say much more apart from this booked had me hooked - so if romance novels are you thing, especially with a bit of humour thrown in, this is perfect for you!

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