The Other Child - Lucy Atkins

The 17th (17!!) book in my quest is 'The Other Child' by Lucy Atkins.

One thing I've noticed with these sorts of books, is that they all have very similar covers. This must be the 5th or so 'relationship based on lies' type thriller with this font and background colour. (Got to admit, I judged this book by its cover, and this is the reason it made it into my Amazon basket during another 3 for £10 frenzy - based on past experience, it should be quick an easy to read...and very predictable - I am yet to find one where I haven't guessed 'the twist'.)

This has a bit of a misleading title too - yeah, there's another child other than the main character's first born in the book, but this doesn't really affect the story at all. (Also is it just me, or is the fact there are no capitals in the title really annoying?!)

I did enjoy reading this book, but it wasn't a climatic as I'd hoped for. There are quite a few 'red herrings' in the book, but nothing that builds up enough whammy to leave you shocked at the end.

This is very in keeping with its genre, in that it does make you question the characters in the book, and obviously the husband doesn't tum out to be entirely legit, and again, obviously there is a woman he may or may not be having an affair with, but you never quite know until you are explicitly told. I think the problem lies not with this book, but the fact that I've read so many in this genre before - I may have to shift away to something a bit less predictable.

In short, this one is about a single mother who quickly meets the man of her dreams, marries him and falls pregnant with a child he doesn't want quite quickly. They then up and move to his home town in the USA and she starts to question things due to some suspicious happenings, whilst trying to change his mind about not wanting to be a dad.

It is actually pretty good - I read it in one sitting over the Christmas break and didn't consider putting it down, so there's that! It's not the best of its kind, but it is definitely not the worst.

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