The Girl with all the Gifts - M.R. Carey

This is another book that I picked up in the Amazon 3 for £10 deal that has destroyed my bank account, as part of my bid to read 50 new books before I turn 25. (See here.) This is number 13, so I'm not doing too badly!

This is also another one that I didn't read the description of before I read it, so it was a bit of a shock when I realised what the book was about. I go a bit book mad when I am looking through the deals so I see thriller in the description (I was on a thriller binge at the time) and clicked order.

This book is not a thriller/crime book (well actually, I guess it kind of is?) Nor is it about a magical little girl. (Well again, arguably it could be). This book is an zombie apocalypse book, and the first one of its kind that I read, and let me tell you... it is amazing. I could not put it down. I waved it around in my fiancé's face like 'read it...READ IT!' when I was done. Apparently it's being made into a film - I'm not too sure about some of the casting, but we'll see!

In short, this book is about a little girl, who is following her daily routine in a military base, hiding from the 'Hungries'. Soon, she begins to realise something isn't quite right with herself, and along with her teacher, a scientist and an army dude, head off into post apocalyptic England looking for others.

I say zombie novel, but it's really not atypical of that - it's not too graphic or scary, and although there are some icky moments, the book really is about how the characters develop and how the aforementioned girl learns and adjusts to the world around her.

The end actually completely and utterly throws me, and I couldn't quite understand why it ended that way until the very last page when I looked at it from a different perspective and it all made sense.

But honestly, enough wittering from me. Go and read it - go go go!

Have you read this? What did you think?