Station Eleven - Emily St. John Mandel

Book 15 out of 50 for my 25 before 25 goal was Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel. Like the Girl with all the Gifts, this was set in a post apocalyptic world, this time in the USA, and with no zombies.

The premise is that 'Georgian flu' (not a real thing - I googled) has wiped out 99.9% of the population (probably not one to lend to my mum - she's always worried about one flu epidemic or another) and this tracks a few people's (but mainly one girl) lives both before and after the word ends, and neatly shows how they're all linked in what is now a very small world.

It is a story of music, drama, murder, prophets, Pomeranians, comics and mayhem. It is very well written and not at all what I was expecting - this focuses very much on the human side of things, such as emotions and seemingly mundane backstories that most apocalypse books do not - I felt that this actually spent more time conveying the characters' connections before the flu than it did showing them in the post flu world.

Not what I would have picked up myself if I'd bothered to read reviews online (I did not, I just put it into my Amazon basket in a 3 for £10 frenzy), but I enjoyed reading it even if it was very different from my norm.

It was quite a quick read, and does leave you wanting to keep turning the pages, so I would recommend it to those of your that want a deep story - not those that want a zombie apocalypse slasher, because this is not it.

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