Us - David Nicholls

As part of my 25 in 25 challenge to read more books, I picked up Us by David Nicholls as I had seen it everywhere, and hadn't seen a single less than favourable review.
Oh man, this book made me cry. Proper, ugly tears. James walked in and had no idea what was going on. The last couple of chapters had me literally weeping my eyes out. I don't really know what to say without ruining it. I spent the entire book with my own idea about how it would end, and I never thought anything else was possible. The ending was a shock to say the least.
I have a positive view of the world, and generally think everything will work out okay. I also happen to be madly in love and getting married soon. Thus, books about love are nice and easy to read, and make me feel all fuzzy inside. The back page of this book is now a bit blurry from my tears. Take from that what you will.
I honestly recommend you read this book - it is so so good and you don't want to stop reading. You will however, need lots of a sweet tea and tissues to get through it.
(I over exaggerate. The book does actually have a kind of happy ending, just not one that I would want for myself if I were in the book.)
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