The Lie - C.L. Taylor

This is now the 10th book I’ve read on my quest to read 50 new books before I turn 25, which means I’m on track, yay! (see more of my goals here!).
I’ll admit with this one I was swayed by the cover...’Oooh this looks dark! Oooh the girl on the front has the same hair as me!’ Done and delivered by Amazon before you can say superficial. (On a side note, their 3 for £10 deal on paperbacks in dangerous…) (Very dangerous. I paused writing this blog post for about a minute and now have three more books winging their way to me…oops)
This book is one of those that alternates timelines quite quickly – one chapter you’re in the present day watching as Jane’s carefully spun life unravels, and the next you’re 5 years ago watching as it all goes wrong for Emma and her ‘friends’.
I did enjoy reading this book and finished it off rather quickly – the font is quite large and the chapters are quite short. The only thing I would say is that it didn’t feel like the ‘twist’ was actually a twist, and the climax lasted for all of 5 pages. The padding out of the story was enjoyable but because you find out one of the characters died quite early on, the suspense is lost somewhat.
The plot of the ‘past’ focuses on four friends’ trip to Nepal and explores the layers of their friendships and highlights their flaws quite brilliantly – I very much resonated with one of them and identified people I know in the other three (I won’t say which though!). This all comes to a head towards the end of the book and you can play connect the dots as the story forms throughout. The book alternates the timelines giving you a tiny bit of the story as you progress and leaves you guessing what will happen – like I said, I feel like the climax was a bit rushed, but overall I do like the book. It won’t make it onto my bookshelf to keep forever but it will be recommended to those who want a quick thriller to read!)
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