Sales shopping hitlist

Everyone loves Christmas. Everyone likes bargains. Thus, everyone must like the post Christmas sales right? In my experience, no, some people tend to hate them, but each to their own! As you can tell from this post, the boxing day sales get me pretty excited!
I ususally go online, buy everything I see, and then go instore everything I see. It gets to the end of January and I realise I may have 50 odd new things, but no idea when I'll actually use/wear them.
This year is different, this year I will be prepared. This year, I have a list that I will not stray from (much...).
So what am I eyeing up?
Well, first, I need a lot for work - work clothes, shoes and a bag for my laptop. I'm eyeing up some Cath Kidston bags - I just need to decide which one! I've also gone on a bit of a floral top kick for work, so they're on the list too, as well as staple black dresses, and comfy loafers.
Topshop always have the nicest underwear sets, but they're so expensive! I've told myself I'm allowed to get some in the sales.
I've also wanted the Accessorize ring set for forever, but it is £25 - hopefully it will go in the sale and I can update my gemstone ring collection.
What are you eyeing up this year? Let me know on Twitter! xoxo