Christmas baking

Gingerbread Village

Just a quick post today as I'm busy recovering from Christmas, and sales shopping! (more on than later)

For some reason I decided this year I would make Christmas cakes for mine and James' family, as well as a gingerbread village - a guy at work does one with his family each year and it looks amazing, so I wanted to get in on one (ours turned out to be nowhere as good, but better than I expected!).

I have never baked gingerbread before, and I have never made a Christmas cake, so I wasn't quite sure what would happen.

making a gingerbread village

The gingerbread village turned out far far better than expected - I'm really happy with it! I can't take credit though as James did most of the shaping - I just helped with making the dough and construction. It took us two days in total and we decorated it at my parent's house. We used the BBC Good Food Gingerbread house recipe and it worked well - I would advise sticking the dough in a fridge for an hour before you roll it however - we didn't the first time and it didn't roll properly - I stropped off and had a nap for a couple of hours, only to emerge and see James cutting out the pieces in the kitchen <3.

christmas cakes

For the Christmas cakes, I again used a BBC Good Food recipe. Oh. my. gosh. Christmas cakes are so so expensive to make! We put a LOT of whisky in them, which bumped up the price massively - I see why people buy them now!

We fed them with alcohol every two weeks in the run up to Christmas and decorated them on Christmas eve. My parents got the robin and James' got the polar bears. (Definitely not Westie dogs.)

Did you do any baking this Christmas? I'd love to see! Tweet me yours!