The Martian - Andy Weir

The problem (or not really a problem as it means less work for your mind?) of books becoming films is that nearly always, new book covers are issued with the stars of the film on. Case in point – Matt Damon plays the main character in the film, and thus the book becomes his face. This meant that all the way through reading this (despite having not seen the film) I imagine the main character to look and sound like Matt Damon. I am not sure how I feel about that, but now I have a real comparison for when I watch the film to see if it lives up to my expectations.
If I start by saying this book is three hundred odd pages of a man being stuck alone on Mars, you may question why I read past the first chapter – should get boring after a bit right? Wrong. This book somehow managed to keep up the pace and excitement all the way through to the end, I literally couldn’t put it down. I then lent it to my fiancé on the trip home from Iceland and he couldn’t put it down either. He actually got a bit tetchy when I interrupted him reading, but hey ho…I then leant it to my assistant at work, and I’m sure she loves it too. In short, you’re pretty much guaranteed to like this book!
This book deals with science, politics, faith, humanity, mass media and the prospect of death all in one neat Matt Damon shaped package – I’ve also never wanted a potato patch just quite as much as I do now!
So, I’m now one step closer to my 25 in 25 goal, and I’ve added another film to my ‘to watch’ list!
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