Nutella Stuffed Cookies

One of my favourite spread like substances in the world is Nutella, and I'm a rather big fan of porridge too, so I combined them to make gooey cookie goodness. They actually sell a similar thing in Starbucks, but 1) It's like £2 for a cookie and 2) they're really thin and hard sometimes :(
So, obviously I decided to attempt them myself! I actually ended up making about 4 batches as they went down really well in the office, and the cookie dough that you end up with when you make them is simply delicious.

I based my recipe on the one I found from Bakerita, and tweaked the ingredients a bit - no salt, dark chocolate or nuts here!

I've recently made cookies and bread more and more, so I'm perfecting my dough technique - previously if any of my mixes had formed a ball I'd be freaking out, but in this situation it's perfect :)
To be honest, these are super simple to make - you basically just whizz everything bar the flour and oats together with a mixer, then stir in the flour and oats to form a dough. You can roll it out and use a circle cutter to get even sized cookies, or do what I did and grab two balls, make a pancake from each and squish a tablespoon of Nutella in the middle - either works!

This is a giant cookie I made with Nutella in the middle, pre baking - I would have taken one after but it got eaten before I remembered! (I had LOADS of dough left, as I didn't realise that the American 'cup' sizes didn't mean mugs...)
What do you think? Are you going to give them a go? Tweet me your results!