Girl Online - Zoe Sugg

Latest on my read pile is Girl Online - Zoe Sugg -  another book to go towards my 25 before 25 goal of 50 new books!
Okay, so first things first – two things that annoy me about this book that I need to get out of the way:
1)      The ‘OMG Zoella didn’t write it herself’ kerfuffle – who cares? I’m sure she had input and loads of people get ghost writers.
2)      The constant belittling of red hair – the main character has red hair and this is kind of portrayed as a bad thing. GUYS! It wouldn’t be a problem if people didn’t pretend it is! Why on earth is red hair considered to be bad? It annoys me so much, especially because I was put through hell at school…anyway #gingerproblems.
That aside, I didn’t expect to like this book, I just read it because of the hype, but it’s actually really good! It was quite a quick and easy read as it is aimed at slightly (!) younger girls but I loved it! I read it on the plane home from Iceland and smashed through it in about 4 hours (including stopping at the airport).
In short, the book focuses on Penny, a typical 16 year old girl who doesn’t quite fit in, likes boys and who’s friends aren’t really that great (sort of reminded me of myself at that age, so maybe that’s why I liked it…). She starts a blog, ends up going to New York with her mum, meets the love of her life and it all goes from there…
I don’t want to say too much more as I’ll ruin it, but the ‘twist’ is quite predictable. The book highlights the perils of putting yourself online, and the perils of being a 16 year old girl.
I do quite like that this book is filed under ‘Self Esteem and Self Respect’ on Amazon – I didn’t know that was a book category, but on reflection the story does send out a message of self-love and acceptance, even if it is disguised.
Definitely a guilty pleasure, but worth a read!
I think the sequel is out now so once I work through my ‘to read’ pile, I might pick it up…
I just remembered Becky reviewed this a while ago & her review is much more in depth than my random thoughts so take a look!
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