DIY Christmas Pixie Decorations

I'm not usually one for a big Christmas hooha, but I have got a couple of Christmas-y blog posts lined up - the first of which is this one!
Me and James made these super cute pixies and they were so easy - I just had to share! I've also taken part in the Wren Kitchens #24daysof wren craft advent calendar so I'm sure there'll be some more Christmas themed crafts over there if this gives you the crafty bug.
You will need:
An assortment of wooden balls in different sizes
Christmas coloured fabric tubes - I used knitted tubes, but I'm sure you can make them easily out of felt or similar
Faux fur
Glue (I used a glue gun to speed things up, but I am aware not everyone has one! Mine was a bargain £5 from Hobbycraft though if you do decide to get one...)

Step 1: Put the largest ball inside the biggest tube and roll the edges. Glue to secure.
Step 2: Glue the medium sized wooden ball onto the top

 (You can stick the hair in different places and colour co-ordinate to make a couple!)
Step 3: Glue the smaller fabric tub to the back. Glue on two strips of fur to create hair.
Step 4: Roll one end of the remaining fabric tube, and tie a string around the remaining end to make a hat.
Step 5: Glue the hat, nose and hands in place. Tada!
Super simple! If you want to hang them on a tree, just stitch a loop into the hat and you're sorted.
What do you make around Christmas time? What sort of crafts do you like to make?
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