Iceland - Northern Lights, Ice and the rest of my life

I should probably start with the headliner - I'm engaged! James proposed under the Northern Light on the Tuesday night of our trip - it was utterly perfect, and the only night we actually saw them, but more on that, and probably more on the ring and wedding plans later.

This is the glacier lake along the south coast. This bit is in between the glacier and the sea - it was stunning (and also a pretty good location to take a ring photo!). The water perfectly reflected the mountains behind it and the shades of blue were absolutely breath-taking.

This is the beach! Black sand again of course, but this is where the glacier joined the sea - lots of chunks of ice have washed up and all are completely different! See my instagram for more!

Finally, the Northern lights. They appeared about 8.30pm quite faintly but by 9pm they were in full force - shades of green, purple and red dancing and spinning above us - the most amazing thing I'd ever seen - until I turned round and James was on one knee...
We didn't see them again in the week as the cloud cover was high and the aura activity was low, but this night was perfect.

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Iceland - Waterfalls, geysirs and black sand beaches

Queen of the rock pile! 

Another quite photo heavy post so I won't go on and on - I can't recommend Iceland enough!

We left Reykjavik to do the 'Golden Circle' and traveled down the South coast to Vik. We stopped at lots of waterfalls, Geysir (seriously has the best visitor centre ever) and some black sand beaches!

This is Oxarafoss in  Pingvellir National Park.The entire area is very tourist friendly - there are loads of decked walkways and hand rails, plus lots of signs to tell you where to go/how far.

This is one of the pools at the Geysir site - the water is 80 - 100 C so no sticking your hands in!

This is Strokkur - he erupts every 10 minutes or so - I have a video on my Instagram if you want to see!

Black sand beaches are potentially the most breathtaking things I have ever seen - especially because we went when the weather was stormy - lots of dramatic crashing waves. 

This is a couple of days later at Skaftafell National park - look how drastically the weather changes!

The day of rainbows - the waterfall below is Skogafoss. I'd read about rainbows forming there, so at the first hint of sun, I made James drive us there - it was worth it - by far the best photo I think I've taken!

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