The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins

Book number three in my reading quest (See #22) is another Gone Girl-esque book. I think I heard somewhere that this is being made into a film with Emily Blunt, but we shall see.

I picked this one up in ASDA after seeing it literally everywhere but it is fairly cheap on Amazon at the moment. I don't usually get hardbacks but I got it when it had just come out so I didn't have a choice. Ironically it actually took me months to read it due to exams and lending it to various people in the mean time - just proves how good it is though eh?

I took a bit of a weird journey on this one with the main character - this book is very good in that it doesn't reveal too much at once and keeps you guessing till the end and because of this, flips your views quite a few times.

It is told mainly through the perspective of Rachel, but also through the eye of a girl who seems to have it all, and the girl that Rachel's husband left her for - as the story develops, it becomes clear how all three women are linked and when one of them is murdered suspicion turns on everyone. It is quite in keeping with the Gone Girl genre which has become so popular (murder mystery?) and is in a similar format as it is told through different perspectives.

I won't say anything more as it will ruin it, but it is definitely worth a read - the fact it has a film deal hows just how popular it is! I will definitely go and see it in the cinema when it comes out.

Have you read this, or Gone Girl? What did you think?