Northern Lights Cookies

Rather lovely snap of the Northern Lights that James got on holiday.

Okay, I'm admitting that I've given up on the bake off series until next year - the vol au vents proved too inconvenient to make, and I was weeks behind.

I got back from Iceland on Sunday (it was AMAZING, but more on that later) and decided to make some Northern Lights inspired cookies to take in to work. I wasn't sure how they'd work out, but they turned out pretty well!

I used a basic biscuit/shortbread recipe and a star cookie cutter, along with black fondant and the vast majority of the blue and green edible glitters available at Hobbycraft.

- side note - make sure you use lots of flour to roll your dough, and lots of icing sugar to roll your fondant, else you'll be left with a sticky sticky mess...

So, make your dough, bake your cookies and roll out your fondant. I found the best way to get the sugar and glitter to stick is to make a glue out of icing sugar and water and run it over the top of the cookie and icing with a pastry brush.

These are how mine turned out - what do you think? They went down pretty well at work! (The non iced one was for someone who doesn't like icing)