Bake Off Week 4 - Dessert Week

I know we are way way past Week 4 of Bake Off (since it finished on Wednesday *sob*) but I got a bit caught up with work and haven't had time to post about my attempts at the various challenges, so I'm going to continue until the end, to let a little bit of Bake Off live on...

In Week 4 they had to do desserts - including a 'Spanish Windtorte', but I decided this would be far too complicated to so I edited the challenge a bit for my blog and decided to make meringues. I also decided I'd try and be clever and make strawberry flavoured pink ones - to varying success.

I used this recipe from Nigella Lawson. All of the ingredients were nice and simple, yay!
This however is where the simplicity stops.

The biggest issue I encountered was getting the egg whites right. You have to whisk them until they form 'soft peaks' and don't fall out of the bowl when tipped. This took forever and only worked on my 3rd attempt as I'd tried to be fancy and put the food colour and flavour in  before - this made it far too liquid-y so it didn't work - this idea was abandoned to get the below.

My next brainwave was to mix the wet colouring and flavours into the sugar so that it mixed in when the sugar went in - this worked far better and I felt rather smug.


These were the meringues before I put them in the oven. There isn't a picture of them post oven as they lost their shine and weren't as pretty. Meringues are definitely something I'll need to practise some more.

Next week (5) is Alternative week, and I've made free from gluten, lactose and sugar brownies.

Have you ever made meringues? What's the hardest thing you've baked?