25 before 25 update #1

Here's my first update on my 25 before 25 challenge!

1) Go to Iceland and see the Northern Lights. 
(Okay, this is cheating as I'm actually going in October - I can't wait!)

Done! We did this in October. I can honestly say they were beautiful, and it was made even more memorable by James proposing!

11) Pass all my ACA exams 

Part way done! I got my results for the professional stage also whilst we were in Iceland - I smashed them all (I didn't think I would - I broke my finger doing a total wipeout course the day before, oops! - all healed now!) so now I am officially part ACA qualified - only 3 left and time to complete!

15) Kick the coffee habit (counting this if I keep it up for more than a few months)

Done! I now haven't had caffeinated coffee since May, and I'm feeling better for it - I know it's only a small one, but I never thought I'd be able to do it!

22) Read 50 new books 
(I know this isn't many, but I don't have enough time in my life!)

On track! I'm now 4 months into my challenge (1/9th) and I've read 9 books, so I'm definitely on track to do it at the moment! Review/summary posts can be found by looking at the book tag.

23) Restart my jewellery hobby/Etsy shop

Almost done! It's not in a place I'm 100% happy with, and I need to update some descriptions, but I've made some sales so I'm part of the way to my goal - just need to find some more time to tweak it. My Etsy, Tumble and Rose, can be found here.

Are you currently working on any goals? I'd love to hear about your progress!  Drop me a tweet!