Bake Off Week 2 - Biscuit Week

I've continued my new found Bake Off obsession this week by recreating challenge two, which this week were arlettes. (I'd never heard of them, by they're essentially just very flat cinnamon swirls).

I didn't fancy making biscotti as I'm not a fan, and there was no way we were going to be able to make a box out of biscuit, so I tracked down this recipe for arlettes. I'm admitting to cheating - we used pre-made puff pastry as we also decided to repaint the kitchen on baking day so there wasn't time to start from scratch (plus I think they'd have been a complete disaster!)

This week's big question - would they stay flat and snap? (Spoiler: No, but they're awesome anyway)

When we got this out of the pack, the first thing I did was stick my finger in it as it was squishy - I'm not sure I'll ever properly grow up...

We sprinkled our sheet with our cinnamon sugar mix - surprisingly hard to get it to stick once you've floured the surface!

Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Some of them look like they want to be pitta breads instead (I'm looking at you, bottom right)

So, they didn't stay true to their inspiration and ended up being cinnamon swirls, but they were so tasty, I'm not bothered. (I'm still uber proud of my madeira cake anyway).

Next week is bread week, and if you know me, you'll know how much bread I eat so this will be a good one!

Do you watch Bake Off? Have you ever heard of arlettes?